Year Transition

MUT Watch is currently running in MUT 17 mode.  New content and new Sets will be based on MUT 17.  Some users have many older MUT 15 or MUT 16 items in their Binder. 

Based on user feedback, we have provided a way for you to "reset" your binder and clear out all content that is from a previous game year (MUT 15, MUT 16).

In order to utilize this function, visit the following page:

MUT Year Transition Page

IMPORTANT NOTE: Removing items from your Binder is permanent and cannot be undone.  If you want to keep older Cards in your Binder (and they are not already in your Lineup), then do not use this tool.  Instead, individually remove any cards you no longer with to keep in your Binder.

On that page, you will be able to press a button that will remove all previous year content from your Binder (some exceptions apply.  See details on the Transition Page).