Save Cards to Binder

In order to save cards to your binder, you must be logged into to MUT Watch.

After opening a pack, click on a card to flip it over.  On the back of the card, click the link that says "Save to Binder"

After a moment, you will see "Added" appear on the card.  This indicates that the card has been successfully stored in your binder. 

Sometimes you may encounter an error when trying to Save a card.  If you get an error, please try again.  If you continue to get an error, then the pack has probably timed out.  If you continue to experience errors when Saving, sign out and back in to MUT Watch.

We now support saving cards from the most recent TWO packs.

A common problem our users experienced was that they would click "Open another pack" when they really wanted to save a card.  Previously, there would be no way to recover the cards from that pack since a new pack had already been opened.  Now, however, since we allow saving from the past two packs, you can click the Back button in your browser to return to the previous pack.  You should be able to save items from that pack.