Misc. Questions

How do I remove items from my binder?

In your binder, click on an item to flip it over, then click on 'Remove from Binder'.

Is it safe to log in with Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, Mutwatch never gets your credentials, you enter them directly on Facebook or Twitter.

I logged in with my Facebook or Twitter account, can I log in with a password instead?

Yes, once you log in with your social account, click on your Username and then Manage Account. From there you can set a password.

I earned a player in Madden 16 but I don't see it in my binder on Mutwatch?

Mutwatch binders are not connected to your Madden 16 binder.

Why does an item's price seem wrong?

Mutwatch uses the public auction data that EA Sports makes available. If EA Sports does not update the public auction data, the pricing on Mutwatch may become out-of-date

Why don't certain items (like Quicksells) show up in packs?

We didn't think it would be very much fun to open a quicksell if you can't sell it. However, if there is something you'd like to see added to mutwatch, let us know!

A player/coach is listed for the wrong team or doesn't have a team. Can you fix it?

Let us know about the inaccuracy by using the Contact page. We'll try to correct the item as soon as possible.

Can I have a larger binder?

Yes, you get 1 additional binder slot for every 25 packs that you open. Up to a maximum of 1500 slots.