Verify Email Address

It is important that MUT Watch has a valid, working email address for our users.

The email address is critical if you ever forget your password or can no longer gain access to your MUT Watch account.

In order to utilize Password Reset function on MUT Watch, your email address must be verified.  In order to verify your email address, sign in to MUT Watch and visit the Manage Account page.

From the Manage Account page, you will be able to see if your email address has been verified or not.
If it has already been verified, the word VERIFIED and a green mark will appear next to your email address.
if it has NOT yet been verified, a VERIFY link and a red mark will appear next to your email address.

Click the VERIFY link and follow the on-screen instructions.  An email will be sent to your registered email address.

If you do not receive the verification email:
  • Check your junk mail/spam/updates folders
  • Make sure you are using an email address that can RECEIVE EMAILS FROM EXTERNAL SENDERS.  We are seeing some users register with school email addresses that can only receive emails from the same domain or from staff members.

Once you have gotten your verification email, click on the link contained in the email and you will be returned to MUT Watch and your email address will be marked as Verified.